Cardiff Fireworks are a company based in Penarth Road Cardiff, South Wales. We are a firework supplier stocking a huge range of Bright Star, Astra, cosmic fireworks and various other reputable firework companies all year round due to our yearly firework license.

If you are looking to buy fireworks in Cardiff or firework shops in Cardiff and surrounding areas looking for a wholesale supplier then this is the right place to come! You can choose from our huge range of cakes, rockets, mines, barrages, catherine wheels, sparklers and a lot more.

We have a huge selection of fireworks for Bonfire Night on November 5th as well as New Years Eve on 31st December. What is Guy Fawkes or "firework" night without a great firework display? Why not also see in the new year with your own breath taking firework display in Cardiff?

We beleive that we have all the fireworks you need to set your party off with a bang! Ranging from small firework cakes or selection boxes to full firework display packs or large single rockets for extra effect.

There are many professional firework displays and firework shops in Cardiff but we provide you with the opportunity to create your own professional style firework display from your own home.


Four Seasons have now closed for Fireworks

Please find alternative local firework suppliers links below

Partyworld uk

Partyworld have agreed to offer some great deals to previous Four Seasons Customers

Just mention four seasons and they will give you a great deal

Thank You for all your support and custom over the years


Nigel (Four Seasons Greetings)






Desert Storm Firework Display Pack



We sell full firework display crates such as the Desert Storm display pack which includes a mixture of cakes, rockets, fountains and roman candles or just small selection boxes of garden Fireworks for a family display

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